Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The little kids went through a hiking phase and wanted to go hiking all the time, so one day I just up and took them.  We had a blast!  Another day we all went as a family and didn't realize Keira didn't have shoes one . . . she totally didn't care and walked around everywhere with bare feet. She's so adorable!

Leadership Night

The kids' school is a Leader in Me School and practices the Seven Habits for Highly effective people in all of their classrooms and day to day activities.  It is quite amazing how all of the students are leaders in one way or another.  They take on Leadership roles and it builds their confidence in so many ways.  As part of the program they have a Leadership Day and Leadership Night for families.  We brought the entire family and had a blast. Such a great school!

BYU vs. Utah

I love BYU Game day especially when they are playing Utah, so we decided to take our kids to Cafe Rio for some fun.  We ran into my good friend, Shay, who is a Utah fan and we had to get a picture of the two of us.  We also ran into the daughter of one of my other good friends, Cassie.  It was a great day . . . except that BYU lost . . .grr!

Running with Kelsea

Kelsea has never run over two miles at one time in her life.  Well, today Jason went to exercise and I was headed out for a long run and Kelsea didn't want to be left behind.  I told her her only option was to come and run with me.  She didn't think there was anyway she could run 7 miles, but by golly she totally did it.  We ran the whole way except for maybe half a mile and Kelsea did great.  She was so shocked that she was able to do it and felt a great sense of accomplishment when she finished.  I'd love to get her to start running with me if she wants to, but I won't push it. :)

Ward Chili Cook Off

We went to our Ward Chili Cook Off and had a great time!  I entered my chili in the contest and got second place.  At the end they did Karaoke and I sang "Close to You" by the Carpenters . . . it was totally fun, but I wish I would have sang "Memory" from Cats like two of my friends did later on . . . that's an awesome song, although I love the Carpenters and totally sang to Jason the whole time :)

Grandma's Visit

Jason's Mom came to visit and we sure loved having her here :)

Tuachan Run

I ran to Tuachan and back today and I loved it.  It was SO pretty there and I couldn't help but stop and take a picture.  It's awesome that there are so many beautiful places to run down here!