Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BYU Legends

I had the opportunity of going to BYU's first game this year and it was awesome because they had all of the Quarterback Legends there!!! Steve Young spoke in the Cougar Room before the game and said this is the first time that they have ALL been together. It was pretty cool!!

Not a great picture of my back side, but before the game I had the opportunity to climb a rock wall at the tailgate party. It was hard in my flip flops!

Steve Young and Orrin Hatch. I met Orrin Hatch and he was SO nice to talk to!!! He was so personal and completely interested! I was very impressed!

Jim McMahon carried the flag in to bring the team on the field.

All of the legends. They were each recognized, one at a time, and it was fun to watch them go and shake hands with Lavell Edwards, other general authorities and Elder Holland. I loved watching McMahon because it was so light and funny. My mom explained to me that he was against the Church and would never really come back to BYU so it was pretty cool to see him with Elder Holland.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Corbyn got his Wolf

Corbyn earned his Wolf, a gold arrow, and a silver back in July, but because we were gone for the July Pack Meeting and the August Pack Meeting, he didn't actually receive the awards until September. He was SO excited! Jason's parents and my mom came to support him :)