Friday, December 28, 2012

No Keys

A couple weeks ago Brianna went to play at a friend's house who lives clear at the other end of our neighborhood. It was a Monday so I told her I would come and pick her up before Family Night.  In the mean time, Jason decided to take a bunch of the kids to the library to pick out some books and was going to meet back home for family night. Well, about 5:30, I got a phone call from Brianna that she needed me to pick her up because her friend's parents were leaving.  I told her I would be right there.  I went to grab my car keys and they were no where to be found.  I then looked in the garage and saw that Jason took the suburban so I figured he had my keys so I went to get his keys to drive the little car over there. Well . . . . his keys were gone too.  I called to ask if Jason knew where the keys were and he disappointedly said he had both sets!!  He felt so bad, but I told him not to worry about it because I would just ask if the friend's mom could bring Brianna home. When I called over there, Brianna said the mom couldn't because they were being picked up in a few minutes by another couple, so there was no time.  I couldn't let Brianna walk alone because it was dark, far away, and very rainy!  I called a few of my neighbors to see if they could drive me over there and none of them were home.  I decided to just get the stroller, bundle up Keira and myself and run to the house.

It was FUH-REEZING! The wind was blowing so hard and we were getting soaked by the rain.  While I was running there, I did not think it was very funny, but after we picked up Brianna and ran back home, I thought it was a little humorous.  Now, I think it's funny!  I'm pretty sure Jason won't ever take both sets of keys with him ever again ;-)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert

I had the opportunity to go with my mom, my grandma, and Kelsea to this year's Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.  It was fantastic!  My favorite part was when they introduced the Candy Bomber/Chocolate Pilot and had mini parachutes with candy hooked to them come out of the ceiling!  I was brought to tears.

Planet Play

We went to Planet Play to celebrate my sister-in-law's and my niece's birthday on the 15th.  The kids had a blast and I am glad we were able to go.  Thanks to Ben and Shannon for inviting us and paying for our entire family - so sweet! :)

Turning 60

Jason's Dad turned 60 this month and we celebrated by going to dinner at Brick Oven!  Jason's mom surprised his Dad by inviting one of their very good, long time, friends to join us.  (They had lost contact about 10 years ago and haven't been able to find him until one of my brothers-in-law ran into him at a store.) It was a great surprise and we had a lot of fun joking around with him at dinner.  After dinner we went up to their house for an open house with their friends.  It was great!

Clear Creek

I had the privilege of going to Clear Creek with the 5th Graders again this year and it was a total blast because Corbyn is in 5th Grade!  I thought the teachers did a magnificent job preparing everything and the students were all really good. Corbyn had so much fun, except that he got very tired because he is not used to having late nights. :)

This is one of my best friends, Andrea Durrant, and we were in charge of the chess and hot cocoa class - it was the BEST!! :)

Most of the adults went in to make Smachos while the students were watching a movie in the big room.  We had a ton of fun!  Lots of laughs and goofing off . . . I feel bad for the parents that didn't join us because they thought it would be work - haha!

What I am holding in my hand is a whole bowl full of smachos and yes, I the following pictures show me stuffing the entire thing in my mouth at one time.  It was tough, but I got it down!

It was making me gag so bad, but I swallowed the whole thing.