Monday, October 8, 2012

Crossroads Stake Girls' Camp

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Girls' Camp!!!  I was the Stake Assistant Camp Director this year and it was wonderful.  The Director, Elena Tillman, became a very dear friend of mine and the Stake Committee was AMAZING!!!  We went to Aspen Lakes in Heber and it was the most wonderful camp ever!  I just cannot say enough about how wonderful Girls' Camp was this year and the best part was that my sweet Kelsea was able to be there for her first year of camp . . . how wonderful!!!

Bustin' some dance moves . . . my face looks a little scary though!

Awesome women!!!

Cute Kelsea!

Oh Ya!  That's me . . . and I totally landed it - Yippee!!

So funny!  We were making some feminine announcements and Elena asked our priesthood to cover their ears - this is our Stake President and his Second Counselor - haha :)

We had just zip-lined into the water and it was a blast . . . I didn't love the orange  life vest  though . . . I'm a skier - sheesh ;)

These are my dear friends and BYU sports buddies! We have a lot of fun together and I absolutely adore them!

Love these adorable women - this was at our skit night and the girls did great!