Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

Jason's mom has the most amazing Christmas brunch prepared for us every Christmas morning.  This year was no exception.  YUM!

My sweet father-in-law gave me this autographed BYU Bowl Game football from last year's Bowl Game.  It is signed by every member of that team and even the coaches. Our  PTA auctioned off that ball at our auction in October and I wanted it SO bad!  I bid up to $75 then I just felt like I couldn't go any higher.  Another man bid $80 and I had to let it go.  At the very last second, a man in the back yelled out $85 and won the ball - I was so disappointed until I turned around and saw that it was my father-in-law.  I was VERY touched!  I know that is something my own dad would have done had he still been alive, so I was really moved by my father-in-law's gesture.  I had forgotten about the ball until I was given a bag on Christmas morning that said, "To Mindi From: U of U" - I knew right then what it was and I was thrilled!

I love Jason's pose - you're so funny honey!

 Jason's mom made all of her boys these awesome blankets.  Everyone's blanket was red, black, and white, except for Jason's - it was BYU colors of course!! :) She is an amazing seamstress! 

We did karaoke for awhile and it was very enjoyable!

May I just say, hello Punky Brewster!  Amber came home from Church and put on these socks with her light up tennis shoes.

Gotta have our annual Christmas brunch picture ;)