Friday, December 18, 2009

Barker Christmas Party . . . and more posts, finally!

This year we went to Jason's Grandma's Assisted Living Center

Tired . . . and neglected??? :)

And to think, I let him fall asleep in his food crumbs!

Getting Older

First good snow

Monday, December 14, 2009

Barker Extended Family Pictures

The Monday after Thanksgiving we got pictures with Jason's entire family because Ryan and Kellie were in town. We went to Star Mill in American Fork and it was great! Jeana Bird Photography did the pictures and they're awesome!

O Christmas Tree

The Monday before Thanksgiving, the children begged to put up and decorate the Christmas Tree for our activity. They had such a fun time together and did a really good job!


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family this year. We spent the morning at home together, then I prepared home made stuffing and a really yummy corn. We went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving Dinner and enjoyed our time with: my mom, Ben and Tami's family, Brian and Katie's family, Grandma Hall, Uncle Rob and Aunt Diane, and my cousin, John. We hung out until the evening and really enjoyed our day! (Sorry, I forgot my camera, so I do not have any pictures.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rustic Family Pictures

We went and had our family pictures taken a couple weeks ago by Audrey Photography ( and she did a great job. Landon was kind of cranky and Amber was beyond hyper but we managed to pull off some darling pictures regardless.

We had a funny experience too. Audrey had us pose by this old trailer that had been filled with manure, but she didn't realize that's what it was. She had Amber get inside and I jokingly told Amber "you get to be by the poop - ha ha" - As we were leaving, we thanked the owner of the farm and he said, "I've never had anyone pose in the manure truck before." When Audrey realized that that's what the truck was for, she said, "Oh, no, I thought it was just dirt." We had a pretty good laugh.