Thursday, June 23, 2011

1st Place - Really?! :)

Caution: This post contains bragging! :)

Corbyn participated in his second Pinewood Derby a couple weeks ago and much to our surprise, he came in First place!

We think it is pretty funny because we are not big competitors in this area. Kelsea gave Corbyn a great idea for the shape of his car, then Corbyn did all the paint work and made the car his own. We finished his car just moments before it was to be officially weighed in and we were very excited to have it done. We told Corbyn to be grateful no matter how well his car did and when it cruised down the track the first race he was in we were blown away! The look on Corbyn's face was priceless!! Corbyn's car stayed on top of the leader board the entire night, except after one race. Immediately following that race he went back to the top and stayed there until the end.

I am SO happy that Corbyn's car did so well! What a fun memory for him to have :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saying Goodbye

10 years ago, this August, Jason started working for the LDS Church. He has been a Business Analyst for the Family History Department and has been a major part of getting Family History images available for all the world, online.

Last month we found out that Jason's job was being dissolved because he finished what he was hired to do and his work load has diminished so much that the department cannot justify keeping his position. His boss was very sad about letting Jason go, because Jason has been an ideal employee, but the economy has made it difficult for his department to do otherwise.

It was bittersweet when Jason got the news, but we both felt very peaceful. We have known for a few years that Jason was supposed to be doing something different, but we keep not making the move because it is so safe working for the Church. We have six kids and it is daunting thinking of leaving security - we feel blessed that Heavenly Father helped us out with this decision. It should be scary that Jason is now out of work, but surprisingly it's not.

Jason wants to get his Doctorate and is looking into every Doctorate known to man. Most programs don't start until 2012, so he is trying to find a job between now and then. He has his MBA and is awesome, but it is hard to get a job in this economy. We have a nice home with a not so nice mortgage, but we are fine and are perfectly willing to leave all that we have so that we can do what we are supposed to be doing. It's going to be a wild ride, but I am ready and we are both excited!

Jason's department threw him a going away party and I showed up with all of the kids to surprise Jason - it was great. When the party was over, Jason came with us and we took the kids around Temple Square and to the Church Museum.

Life is Beautiful and everything is going to be okay!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amber's Kindergarten Graduation

Amber graduated from Kindergarten and the graduation program was excellent - I was very impressed! Here's some pictures from the event:

I love that Amber kept yawning during the program - it was adorable . . . and I admit, a little funny.

She covered her face when others were taking pictures with the teacher, because she did not want to be in their pictures - she's so funny!

Mrs. Ashworth was an amazing teacher for Amber - I am so grateful Amber had her!