Friday, September 26, 2008

What does your house look like right now?

My friend, Jessa, tagged me for this and gave me these rules: NO CLEANING, NO STRAIGHTENING, NO WIPING KIDS NOSES!!! Take these pictures right NOW!!! So, those of you who know me well, know that those are very difficult rules to abide by, but I will say that I took these pictures right after I read her tag and I did not cheat. (Thank goodness it was moments before the children got home from school and made their little messes.)

Kitchen sink



Family Room

Laundry Room
(I have folded everyone's clothes, but have just not been in the mood to put them away)

Master Closet
(My Side)

(Jason's Side)

Front Room
(Okay, I confess, I did fluff these pillows just a little before taking this picture.)

Master Bathroom

Favorite shoes

(Please be kind - I had just woken up from a much needed nap and have serious bed-head!)

Anyone of you who dare to do this tag, please do! Have fun!

Picture Day

I am a big fan of School pictures and have always purchased them in the past. I could never understand why someone would not purchase their child's pictures, however, when we got the order forms for this year, I thought it was ridiculous what they were charging for each student!!! I have decided I am not buying school pictures anymore. I have a fantastic camera myself and can blow up an 8x10 for their scrapbooks instead. (I did get the class pictures though.) Here's the result.

I know I am no photographer, but that's why I plan to go to Little Lime Photography each year and get pictures of the entire family.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

B.Y.U. Football!!!

If you do not like BYU football, you may not want to read the following!

As many of you may know, I am somewhat of a BYU Fanatic, especially when it comes to football and today I went to my first game of the year. I decided to take my camera with me, because I NEVER have before and I could not have picked a better day.

Right when we got to the stadium, we headed over to all the tailgating hooplah and low and behold . . . Ty Detmer and Reno Mahe were taking pictures with their fans. I was soooooo excited!!! I loved watching both of these players and it was awesome being able to meet them!!

(Ty Detmer, my mom, me, Reno Mahe)

We always go into the Cougar room for good eats and a pre-game show and I had to get a picture in front of Ty Detmer's wall of fame.

Oh, what a beautiful letter!


When we got into the Cougar room, we were surprised that the speakers were three Olympic athletes that formerly went to BYU. Jason and I love Gordon Milar (Men's Volleyball)!

He showed us his Gold Medal and it was awesome!

After the show, we went into the stadium and I couldn't resist taking this picture!

This is a shot of the team right before they exploded on to the field.

Max Hall - what a great Quarterback!
(Eat your heart out, Ben Olsen!)

(Fui Vakapuna getting the hand off from Max Hall)

It was a full house!

Yes . . . the helmets are supposed to be on their heads - what up?

Am I an awesome photographer or what? j/k. This was right in front of us and once again, I had to take the shot.

After each touchdown, the BYU flags are run around the entire stadium while the fans sing "Rise and Shout"

As you can see it was a fun day at Lavell Edwards Stadium! And did I mention . . . BYU 44 Wyoming 0 - Another Shut Out! Yeah!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Template Change

I am in the process of changing my template (even though I love the one I have) because I got a new laptop and my template is definitely outdated. My current blog looks ridiculous on my computer, so I have to change it or it will drive me nuts!! Please bear with me while I toy around. Hopefully, I can figure out the new blogger soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marriage Tag

I saw this on one of my friends blogs and thought it was a lot of fun.  I am not going to tag any of you, specifically, but I would LOVE to read a marriage tag on each of your blogs!

I decided to include some of our wedding photos, just for fun
(photography has certainly come a long way in the past 13 years!)

(Don't you love the boofy hair - not to mention the sweet hat!)

1. What is your husband's name? Jason

2. How long have you been together? 13 years

3. How long did you date? We met June 10, 1995, got engaged October 28, 1995, and were married December 30, 1995.

4. How old is he? 34

5. Who said I love you first? I kind of did.  I gave him a neat book of quotes that he really liked and inside of it, I wrote him a sweet message; at the end I said, “I love you”  When I gave him the book, we were at the top of Snowbird, sitting on a blanket.  When he read the message, he looked at me and said, “I love you too.” We had a sweet little kiss after that – oolala!

6. Who is taller? He is

7. Who sings better? Probably me, but he has a great voice (he just doesn’t read music).

8. Who is smarter? I would have to say Jason.  I may have pulled 4.0s, but I don’t remember much of what I learned.  Jason is naturally brilliant and remembers everything.  Besides, he has his Master’s and I still have two years left of college to get my Bachelors.

9. Whose temper is worse? I don’t think either of us have a temper, but I am definitely more impatient (not with him, though – mostly just the kids)

10. Who does the laundry? Me – and it NEVER ends!!!

11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. (If you are laying down) 

12. Who pays the bills? Me.  I cannot imagine not knowing exactly what is going on financially.

13. Who mows the lawn? Mostly me – I LOVE to mow the lawn and I am super-anal about mow lines!  Jason always does the trimming though and we go out together.

14. Who does the dishes? Both of us.  I do them, he does them, we both do them – it doesn’t really matter – I would say we are both really good at helping the other person out.

15. Who cooks dinner? I do, but Jason always cooks our breakfast meals and he is the cookie man (he always makes cookies or edible cookie dough).  Jason does want to be like the Tepanyaki Chefs though – maybe someday.

16. Who drives when you are together? Jason.  I always fall asleep.

17. Who is more stubborn? Me. I’d like to think I’m not, but sometimes I am.

18. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Me. Probably because I am wrong more often.

19. Who proposed? Jason.  He surprised me at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building by taking me into a special room where three of the previous Prophets lived. (He had permission, of course, but I didn’t know he did.)  The room was off limits, so I was wondering why we were in there.  When he popped the question, I was so surprised (I thought he was going to do it the next night at the BYU Homecoming Dance). I said yes right away and gave him a great big hug.  When we looked out the window toward the SL Temple, we noticed that our window faced the Roof Restaurant and everyone inside was clapping – it was pretty funny.

20. Who is more sensitive? We both are.

21. Who has more friends? I am definitely the socialite, but he has more Facebook friends.

22. Who wears the pants in the family? Jason, but I put them on for him. lol!

23. How did the two of you meet? Jason saw my picture in his brother’s yearbook and “felt inspired to call.”

24. What is one of his lovable quirks? Some of the funny things he says to the kids, like, “What’s this right here” – it’s how he says it that is so lovable – it’s so goofy.           

25. What is your favorite thing to do together? (Am I allowed to say that? j/k!) We love to hang out after the kids are in bed – sometimes we watch our favorite shows or we both get on our laptops and chat with each other – pretty pathetic, I know.

26. What is something you rarely agree on? How soon Jason will have a new cell phone!  He is always getting the latest and greatest and says, “this is it” even though I know he’ll have a new phone in a few months.  We get a pretty good laugh about this.

27. What's an important thing you have in common? We both have very strong testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!

28. What names do you call each other? Sweetie pie, honey buns, babe, and William

29. What gift did he give you that meant the most? Himself – that is a gift that has never stopped giving (anything else doesn’t matter).

30. What's the kindest thing he's ever done for you? Everything he does is kind.  He always helps around the house, he puts the kids to bed by himself when he knows I need a break, he supports my book clubs, he makes me laugh, he surprises me with flowers, he gives me hugs and kisses, he tells me how much he loves me . . . should I keep going?

31. What's the most interesting thing about him? People think he is quiet and reserved and he is not at all.  The Jason I live with is not the Jason people think they know.  He is so funny, goofy, silly, etc.

32. What do you like most about him?  He treats me like a queen! He is always kind, he has never ever raised his voice at me or the children, he compliments me (even when I am not the ideal shape), he provides for our family, he never complains, he is very gracious, and he is just plain, the easiest person in the world to live with!!!! Oh, yea, and he is super hot!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stake Conference

Jason and I kind of have an inside joke with our Ward Bishopric each Sunday, because practically EVERY week, our little Amber has an outburst at 11:45 a.m. and has to be taken out of Sacrament Meeting.  Each time it happens, they know who it is and we can see the smirks on their faces.  Now, it is not only them that notice little Amber, but many others recognize her voice almost instantly. We are really good at taking her out immediately and it is always for different reasons (most of the time it is because Corbyn looked at her funny or something else just as trivial).

Well, because of our fabulous weekly track record I was very worried for Stake Conference this past Sunday.  I wanted to be prepared with something for the children to do that would still stay within the bounds of our regular meetings (we only allow our children to draw in their church notebooks).  I decided to print up a bunch of coloring pages from the Friend and let the children color during the Conference.

I am very happy to report that this was one of the most successful Stake Conferences we have had. All five children were reverent and not one had to be taken out.  I don't mean to boast, but it was very exciting for me!  We can't make it through a meeting that's 1 hour and 5 minutes, but hey, give us a 2 hour meeting and we're okay!  Sweeeet!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kelsea's Haircut

On Saturday, Kelsea came to me and said that she wanted to get her hair cut - okay ... random. I said yes and we took about 6 -7 inches off.  She was very excited!

(We are trying to grow out half or all of her bangs too - she's got some funky-curly thing going on and can't stand having to blow dry them straight.)

Don't look too close - I am definitely not a professional!

Coyote Run BBQ

Friday night was our Annual Coyote Run BBQ at the Charboneau's and boy do they know how to throw a party!! 

We started the night with a 2 Liter Bottle Rocket Launch and got some great distance!

The kids were standing as Targets (10 points if you hit a Barker - lol)

Everyone else was fascinated with the trajectory!

Landon was a little cold, so my friend Talya put this awesome Anne Geddes hat on him - yes, it is for a girl, but his head was cold - what was I supposed to do?

We visited with friends, ate lots of great food, and watched an outdoor movie with popcorn, cotton candy, and nachos.  We sure love all of our neighbors and are grateful that the we were guided to live on this street!