Monday, August 30, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

We went to Bear Lake in August with all of my family - even my sister, Amy, and her family came into town for it. It was SO much fun!!!

We went hiking with everyone and with all those little kids we didn't end up going very far :)

These next pictures are of a competition we had with the whole family. We played "Minute to Win it" and it was really funny watching everyone!

All of the adults went golfing one of the mornings and it was a blast!!

(I LOVE this picture of my older brother, Jared and his wife, Tracy)

Jason and Brian were being totally goofy for this picture - don't you love Jason's stance ;)

(This was our last night together because Jared and Tracy had to get back for Stake Meetings the next day - well, when they got back, Jared got called to be the 1st Counselor in his Stake Presidency. For those of you that don't know my brother, they couldn't have asked for a better man - he'll be great!)

So, these next couple pictures are of a mishap that of course I caused. I was backing up the driveway to the cabin and was kind of showing off to the older girls of how good I can back up and I hit the water spout hydrant thingy. ARGH!!! It broke the pipe and there was a massive amount of water gushing down the driveway. It took a LOT of man power to finally get it stopped and we had to hire a city guy to come and fix it. I was SO upset in a very sad sort of a way. Luckily it only scraped a small part of our car (that nobody could even find), but it cost $200 to get everything fixed. Jason's the best, though, because he talked the guy into fixing it for only $150 - still a lot of money, but better than it should have been. No more showing off for me!!

Bulb Syringe

Why? Why would Landon do something like this? . . . curiosity, I guess :)

Short Hair :)

Kelsea wanted to chop her hair and I think it is super cute. She usually wears it curly, but it's darling either way.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brianna got her ears pierced. What's your rule??

On July 13th, Brianna decided to get her ears pierced. I know that everyone has their own type of rule or philosophy regarding when their children can have their ears pierced and my thought is simple . . . if they are old enough to understand that they will have holes in their ears for the rest of their life and they still want to get them pierced, then by golly they are more than welcome to get them pierced. I LOVE wearing earrings and secretly hope that all of my daughters will want to get their ears pierced, but I do not want to persuade them in any way.

My sweet mother and my younger sister both decided not to get their ears pierced because they didn't want holes in their ears - I figure if I have a daughter that feels the same way, then I will let that be her decision. So far my oldest two have both chosen to get their ears pierced, but Brianna wasn't so sure a couple years ago. She didn't know if she would want holes in her ears. Amber "definitely" does not want her ears pierced and I am not going to talk her into it either. If she comes to me in a few years and has changed her mind, then I will gladly take her to get them done. Getting ears pierced is a fun little event and the girls are so excited afterward when they see the cute earrings in their ears.

I thought it was a lot of fun to go with Brianna and get her ears pierced. She was SO excited and only a little bit nervous. Jason and all the kids came and Jason's parents also met us there, because his mom really wanted to come. Brianna did not want me to film them putting the holes in, but I was able to take before and after pictures. She was so brave and did not cry at all - she said it really didn't hurt that bad. When we came home and had to clean them before bed, we noticed that the back of her ears were stuck in the back of the earrings and it was very painful trying to pull the skin out. She said it hurt worse than the piercing. Well, today it has been six weeks since she got her ears pierced and she took her studs out for the first time. She put on a different pair of earrings and it is adorable.

She had to do one ear at a time because there was only one person there to do the piercing.

Out of curiosity, what is your rule for getting ears pierced? I love to hear what other people do :) My parents said I had to wait until I was 12, but I finally nagged them SO much that I was able to get them when I was 9.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Confessions of a Cracker-aholic

Okay . . . so I carry a deep, dark, secret . . . I am a cracker-aholic. I have always loved crackers, but up until about a year ago, I never realized how much! It was then that I discovered Kroger Multigrain Crisps and I LOVE them!!!! I can easily down a whole box, by myself, in a day or two. Since I have not had a single treat since January 4th of this year, these crackers have become my treat of choice. You must try them! Yum! Just writing this down makes me want to go grab a handful . . . I think I will . . . see ya!

Cascade Springs

My neighborhood has been going on mini field trips every Tuesday and I have only been able to go to a couple of them. These are pictures of when we went to Cascade Springs. It was a lot of fun!