Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brianna's Baptism

Our darling Brianna turned 8 years old at the end of June and made the decision to be baptized a member of the Church - Jason performed the baptism and confirmation. We had a lot of family and friends come to the baptism and then we hosted a luncheon at our house afterward. What a beautiful day for our sweet girl.

Brianna's Primary teacher, Bro. Nelson

Brianna's closest little friend - they are inseparable!

Bro. Funk - Second Counselor in the Bishopric

My awesome next door neighbor - LOVE her!


Jason and I went to see a movie (which is a rarity) and we brought home our extra popcorn - a few minutes later, we found a very happy little girl.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

We had a blast at Bear Lake this year and the weather was AWESOME! The water level was up as high as I can remember and although it took away most of our beach, it was still fabulous!

I didn't get any pictures of the first day that we were there, but within an hour of arriving at the lake, Landon fell off the slide at the pool and landed face first on the cement. He had the biggest bump on his head and his eye started filling with blood. He threw up a few times so we took him to the Instacare. The doctor was so nice and worked really well with my scared little Landon. He said Landon had a level two concussion and should heal just fine. It was so sad to see him look so awful as he healed, but he was happy as can be and did great for the rest of the week.

Poor guy!

Jason had an interview during our vacation, so he left on Wednesday night and took Landon and Keira home with him. I stayed with the older four children and we had a great time. It was SO weird not having Jason, K, and L, but it was very relaxing not having to chase the little kids around. I LOVE Bear Lake. I had a blast skiing and had great water. I have a picture to prove that I still got some skiin' skillz, but it is on my mom's camera and I haven't downloaded it yet. :)