Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday, I found an awesome Geo Trax Train Set and Table, for sale on KSL. It was a great deal, so I worked out a way to go see it in Provo. When I got there, I realized that I left my purse on the kitchen counter. As the man came up and I looked at the set, I couldn't believe the excellent condition it was in!! Totally worth what he was asking for it (in fact, I think he should have asked more). Well, I didn't want to drive all the way back home, so I called Jason and had him find me a location of our bank. When I got there, it was still business hours, but there was no one there . . . weird! I really wanted the train and the guy said he had someone else coming to look at it! Aaaaa, what to do?! Finally, I decided to ask the guy if we could paypal him the money. He agreed and after an hour of driving around and trying to get this guy some money, Paypal came through and I got the train.

Well, last night when we unloaded the train table from the car and took it to our basement, we decided to hide it in our cold storage (the kids never go in there). As I was backing up, I accidentally bumped into the water line handle that turns on a hose spout in the storage room. As water started pouring out, I hurried and tried to turn it off, only to find that I turned it on, all the way. Water shot everywhere - all over my Christmas decorations and I was NOT happy. It's a good thing I don't cuss, although I did say the word "stupid" and I know my kids would have GASPED at that! We got everything cleaned up and in the end it was really no big deal. But these two moments just made me Grrrr.

(So, on another note . . . to add to my Grrrr'ness . . . Keira just majorly pooped in the bath tub! What!!!!! Of all six kids, this is the first! Grrrrrr again!!!!)

Something Different

This year for Valentine's Day I wanted to do something different for Jason. When we were first married we always did fun, cutsie, stuff for each other. Now that it's been 15 years and we have six kids, we aren't always as fun and romantic anymore. I miss that, so I decided to surprise Jason, this year, while he was at work.

I went to his bus stop, found his car, and took it to the car wash. After the outside was washed, I vacuumed out the entire inside and detailed everything else. When I finished, I decorated the outside of the car with hearts. (I had a lot more decorations that I wanted to put on his car, but it was SO windy and I knew they would have all come of.) I left a few gifts in the front seat, locked the car, and headed home.

He was very surprised when he got off the bus and saw the car. I could tell it really meant something to him to have me do that. Score! I love doing things that make him happy. I love, love, love Jason and I hope he will always know how much.

Here's some pictures of his car:

By the way, when Jason got home, he suprised me with Roses and also gave each of the kids a rose. He then surprised me with a darling Red Jacket - he has great taste! Thanks Jason!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Do you ever have conversations with your kids about a certain topic, when all of a sudden they say something completely random and off topic? This very thing happened with Corbyn the other day. We were talking about how his day went when suddenly he stopped and with a laughing voice, said, "Wow! You DO have big lips." We all started laughing because it was so funny and completely random. It's a good thing I like having big lips :)