Sunday, June 24, 2012

Corbyn got his Bear :)

Corbyn got his Bear back in January and I am so proud of all of his hard work.  He wasn't awarded his Bear until a few months later because of the Blue and Gold Banquet and the Pinewood Derby, but he still received it and was very thankful!

Yikes! Remind me to never wear that shirt again!

Candy Bar Bouquet

My dear friend, Sheryle Coray, left this lovely bouquet of candy bars in the front office of Thunder Ridge when I was having a hard day.  She is such a great friend and I wish I was as thoughtful as she is!  Love you Sher!

Sunday Evening Visit

My mom and Grandma came over for a Sunday evening visit and it was really nice for Jason to work with Grandma on the computer and for the kids to read with my mom.  We love having them over!

Green Dinner 2012

Every year we have a Green Dinner for St. Patrick's Day at my mom's house.  This year was no exception and we all had a great time! :)  My mom always makes green cupcakes and puts money in them for us to find.  This year she pretended that she didn't put any money in them to try and throw off the little kids . . . it only worked for a second ;)

Amber's 7th Birthday Party

Amber had a birthday party with her close friends this year and they had a blast playing Just Dance and doing other fun games.  She is a sweetheart  . . . and I was surprised at how good a dancer she is! Wow!

Amber wanted Root Beer Floats for her birthday so her darling friend held her candle while we sang Happy Birthday to her.  Yep, I'm a totally responsible parent ;)

Amber's 7th Birthday - Thunder Ridge Beach Party

We spent Amber's 7th Birthday at a Thunder Ridge Beach Party and she had a great time.  At one point they did the Hokey Pokey and had her go in the middle for us to all sing Happy Birthday to her!  It was a lot of fun all night!

It was so funny because my Jason and Jason Theler (our Principal) both showed up in a black Hawaiian shirt and tan pants.  We had to get a picture :)

Corbyn's Last Pinewood Derby

Corbyn participated in his last Pinewood Derby in April and had a lot of fun.  His car was super cool and he enjoyed making it.  He took first place last year so he was bummed that he didn't get first this year, but he still had a great time. :)

Totally Frustrating!

For Corbyn's Pinewood Derby we bought different weights than what we have used in the past and it was disastrous!  When we melted the metal it burned through our pan and ate through our stove.  When I saw that it burned through the pan, I quickly grabbed my nice spatula to scrape it off and then when I realized it was ruining my nice spatula, I hurried and wiped off the end of the spatula with my bare hand . . . . YEOW!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe how dumb that was of me to do that.  I grabbed burning hot liquid with my bare hand, without even thinking, and I instantly blistered!  It hurt so bad and I was super frustrated that it destroyed our stove.  We were able to get the metal off of the stove, but it literally ate through the enamel and left dents in the flat top . . . GRRRR!