Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family Dinner

This brings me great happiness! Dinner with my family!

Keira and Landon

This is just a small sampling of what Keira and Landon do together during the day :)

Thunder Ridge Super Bowl

In January, our school had an amazing reading event called the Thunder Ridge Super Bowl.  It was planned in conjuction with the NFL Super Bowl and was an amazing success! Our Students read nearly 300,000 minutes in one month. My PTA President-Elect, Sheryle Coray, headed it up and she arranged to have Miss Saratoga Springs come and also the High School Drum line.  She also worked it out to have KSL Channel 5 come and run a story on it to be aired the night of the Super Bowl on the news.  Here's some pictures of the event!

Practical Joke

I happened to see our school principal's badge sitting on a piano when I was cleaning up after an event, so I put it around my neck with the full intention of giving to him.  I totally forgot about it and left for the day. It was a weekend, so when I realized I still had it, I thought it would be funny if I put it in a bowl full of Jello.  I put it on his desk the next Monday morning and thought I was pretty funny.  A few days later, he handed me the same bowl with something he put in Jello from our event the previous weekend. We had a good laugh with the office staff and a bunch of teachers that knew about it.  It was pretty funny. 

Kelsea' Bantam Basketball Team

Kelsea played on a 5th/6th Grade Bantam (AAU) Competition Basketball team this Fall and Spring. They made it to the Championship game and had a great season. Kelsea's becoming a really good basketball player and it is a pure joy to watch her!