Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reeder Family Reunion

Last night we had the opportunity of attending Jason's Family's Reunion in Layton. We had a lot of fun!

This is what grown men do when they are altogether
(This is Jason and three of his brothers)

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Brianna's first day of Kindergarten and she was so excited.

Gotta pose for mom (and of course, I had to show off the bloomed Hibiscus - sp?)

First time on a bus - I caught her mid-stride

Our Principal and Vice-Principal welcomed the kids - Brianna was feeling a little unsure where to go

Brianna's new teacher, Mrs. Kunze, welcomed the kids to class - she is going to be great!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quiet Time

So, I told the girls we needed a little quiet time today and had them go up to their rooms.

This is what I found in room one


and this is what was in room two


I love my cute girls!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

The kids were super excited to start school today!

Kelsea - 3rd Grade

Corbyn - 1st Grade
(He insists on the comb over!)


Corbyn's teacher is Miss Eliason and I had a really good feeling about her when I met her. She'll be great for Corbyn!!

Kelsea - waiting in line to go in. What a sweetheart.

Bear Lake Trip

We just spent the last week in Bear Lake with all of my side of the family. We stayed at my Grandparent's cabin and had such a fun time with everyone!! Here's some shots of the good times.

Lounging at the cabin
(don't you love the awesome colors?)

Kelsea mid-air

Kelsea with her cousins, Ashley and Mary

My brother, Brian.
"Thanks, Jason - you just made me really sick!"
(Notice Jason's grin - hee hee!)

Corbyn loved playing at the beach!!!

I LOVE to ski!!! (It's right up there with playing basketball.) I've been skiing since I was five and never tire of a good run, but boy. . . it sure makes you a lot more tired right after having a baby!!
(Not to mention this shot is way too close up. Aaaa!)

The camera-MEN!
(Jason and my brother, Jared)

We went to eat at Bear Lake Pizza and ordered two Old Ephraim pizzas.
They were the biggest pizzas I have ever seen!!!

We talked Jason into wearing this spandex shirt while at the beach and he was so embarrassed. I loved it!!! He's so hot (too bad I didn't post the muscle flexing picture - he would have died)!

Brianna was so excited about the monkey bars at the beach

We brought up wave runners and Corbyn said he would not ride on them.
(This picture obviously proves otherwise - he had a great time.)

Amber was really tired being at the beach all day and cozied herself up

We played a bunch of lawn games on Friday (softball, bocce ball, frisbee, etc.).
I wish we could do that more often.

Landon, in the sunshade. He's a good little baby!

A final shot of everyone before heading back home

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monkey Business and Play Time- The Plays

My niece, Ashley, is staying with us for a couple days and organized two little plays called Monkey Business and Play Time. They just performed them for my next door neighbor and myself; it was darling.

"Monkey Business"

The Stage
The Audience
The Play
Ashley and Kelsea
Corbyn, Brianna, and Kelsie D.
The Finale
Play Number Two
"Play Time"

Kelsie D. got some serious air
(that is a sprinkler under there)

Kids are so cute!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

California Trip - Day Seven, Eight, and Nine

On Day Seven, we checked out of our hotel and drove down to San Diego. We checked into Homewood Suites and headed to the Beach. My brother, Brian, and his wife, Katie, joined us. The kids loved the beach and Kelsea and I had fun riding the waves.

Day Eight, we went to Sea World. It was a lot of fun! Brianna begged to sit in the soak zone for the Dolphin Show and I could not believe how soaked we were!! (Yucky Salt water!!!) The Shamu Rocks show was my favorite - it was at night and I loved all the lights and music.

Day Nine, we took it easy in the morning and swam at the hotel. We went to Mission Bay Park, then drove back up to the airport. Our plane was delayed three hours so we didn't get home until about 2 a.m. Sunday morning. The kids were so good though and except for Amber, they did not cry or complain at all.

This trip was a success. I truly had a great time with my little family! I am so grateful that Jason took the initiative to plan everything and pull it off. I was pessimistic about taking all the children, but Jason talked me into it and I thank him. I hope this trip will be in our children's memories for a long time.

California Trip - Day Six

On day six we decided to go to Universal Studios. The kids enjoyed the shows, however, some of them were too adult to go to. We had a fun time, but one day was plenty.

We stopped for dinner on the City Walk, heading back to our car, (the City Walk was probably my favorite - I loved the lights and the hustle bustle).

California Trip - Day Five

We spent Day Five in Disneyland and had a great time! We were eating in the Blue Bayou Restaurant when all of a sudden the ground started moving. When we realized we were having an Earthquake, the kids were pretty scared. We tried to make it seem "cool" that they were in an Earthquake and that seemed to ease their minds. Many of the rides were shut down for hours so they could check the safety - we took a much needed break and surprisingly, the kids didn't complain at all. What a great day!