Friday, January 27, 2012

Raptor Awards Ceremony

Today our school had a Raptor Awards Ceremony as our Finale for Faculty Appreciation Month.  It was seriously so much fun.  All of the faculty participated and it was a total hoot! We did the red carpet and every team won an award and received a Thunder Ridge Mug with the Thunder Ridge logo on the front of it.  The teachers totally hammed it up and the acceptance speeches were totally over the top.  I sure LOVE what I do and I am so grateful everyone had such a great time!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Piano Studio Recital

Last night was my Piano Studio Recital at Piano Gallery in Orem and it was wonderful!  I feel like all of my students played really well and I was super pleased!  I spend so many hours of my life on these wonderful children, so the recital is definitely a payoff!

All four of us performed, and cute Amber did not want a picture afterward - she does not like the camera flash.

Corbyn and my Grandma Hall came to watch.  Jason had to stay home because Landon had a temperature and I was bummed about that. My mom and my in-laws were also going to come, but my mom couldn't get a sub for the temple and Jason's parents had to go down to St. George at the last minute.

The Earls, Myers, and Williams gave me flowers after the recital and that was so thoughtful!

Amber and Brianna put their bows in my hair from the recital while we were having family scripture study - we had to get a picture of the lovliness . . . 'Go Bow or Go Home" ;)