Monday, April 13, 2009


We celebrated Easter on Saturday morning and the children were very excited that the Easter Bunny brought each of them their own Webkinz. We had a large easter egg hunt and the kids were thrilled spending the day eating candy and playing with friends. (I'm amazed that they were not all throwing up by the night time.)

Sunday morning was wonderfully pleasant. We focused on the Savior and the true meaning of the Easter Holiday and we truly enjoyed our Sabbath as a family. After Church, we went to my mom's and had an Easter Egg hunt with all the cousins, then we celebrated a bunch of family birthdays. What a great holiday!

Happy Birthday . . . to me

So, I'm not accustomed to posting an entry all about me, but those of you who follow this blog know that this is my journal supplement so of course I must include my birthday.

Last Tuesday, April 7th, was my 32nd birthday and I had a great day. My mom and sister took me out to breakfast and my great friend, Talya, watched my kids. When I got back, she had made me this awesome sign (don't you think it looks like the "elf yourself" characters at Christmas time?)

Jason surprised me with a beautiful cake and I had a great time with him and the kids. Kelsea babysat while we went out to dinner, then we went on a walk. Jason's mom came over to do a little Easter egg hunt for the kids and we had a great time.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special!!! I have fabulous family and friends!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's about Time

Okay, so, no big deal, right? . . . WRONG! When you live in S. S., a water softener is a must and after 2 1/2 years, we finally bought one. We decided to get a metered system that does not require very much salt and has a lifetime warranty. I am super excited, in a little kid, giddy, kind of way. Whoop-de-do!

(And just in case any of you, who are reading this, happen to be in the water softener industry. . . when you set up a 30 day trial in someone's home, put in your BEST system. We have had two other free trials from other "fabulous" companies and both times the systems quit working before the end of the trial - that turned us off right away. This company installed their BEST system and we have loved it - in return, we not only bought one of their systems, but we ended up buying their best system, which we already know we love. Seems like a no brainer, huh?)