Friday, November 20, 2009

Rustic Family Pictures

We went and had our family pictures taken a couple weeks ago by Audrey Photography ( and she did a great job. Landon was kind of cranky and Amber was beyond hyper but we managed to pull off some darling pictures regardless.

We had a funny experience too. Audrey had us pose by this old trailer that had been filled with manure, but she didn't realize that's what it was. She had Amber get inside and I jokingly told Amber "you get to be by the poop - ha ha" - As we were leaving, we thanked the owner of the farm and he said, "I've never had anyone pose in the manure truck before." When Audrey realized that that's what the truck was for, she said, "Oh, no, I thought it was just dirt." We had a pretty good laugh.


chris w said...

Those are really beautiful. She did such a good job. I called her and got an appt. I'm so excited!

Mandy said...

So cute Mindi. Thanks for sharing. Love the pic of you and Jason kissing in the background of your kids...totally fits you!

Forsyth Family said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family--we are so blessed to know such great people!!!

The Pratt Family said...

What great pictures! You have a beautiful family. We miss you guys, tons! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.