Monday, January 18, 2010

Week Two

So here is my update for week number two. I actually really enjoyed it and didn't think it was that hard eating less. I ate all healthy and mostly all-natural foods (fruits, veggies, brown rice, etc.). The only processed foods I ate were healthy cereal, yogurt, and pretzels. My new favorite snack is sauteed onions, mushrooms, and mexican squash . . . yummy!

Here's what I did each day (the calories are approximate):

11 Jan - Weights 20, Bike 35, DDR 20, 1100 calories
12 Jan - Weights 20, Bike 37, DDR 20, 1200 calories
13 Jan - Weights 20, Stairs 15, Bike 30, DDR 20, 1300 calories
14 Jan - Weights 20, Stairs 10, Bike 38, DDR 20, Bball 45, 1200 calories
15 Jan - Weights 20, Bike 30, DDR 20, 1300 calories
16 Jan - Bball 20, Weights 10, Elliptical 20, Treadmill 10, 1100 calories

My new weight is: 174lbs. I lost 4 lbs. this week - yeah! I'm now down a total of 10 lbs. in two weeks and it wasn't even that hard. I am going to keep going strong and hopefully in a couple more weeks I will be down another 5-10 lbs.


chris w said...

Way to go! You are so determined.

It's very motivating to hear what you are doing.

The pictures were so fun and I can't wait to see the final results. Thanks again for the great referral!!

Marisa said...

Mindi, have you tried a good protein shake? I use undenatured whey protein, you really have to read the label to make sure you're getting an all natural product and no sugar (or evaporated cane juice as they like to call it). I put one scoop in a cup of juice and 5 or 6 ice cubes and blend it. I actually love it in a blend with fresh fruit--strawberries, honeydew, blueberries--as well. It helps me when I really crave sweets around 3 in the afternoon. Good luck!