Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brianna got her ears pierced. What's your rule??

On July 13th, Brianna decided to get her ears pierced. I know that everyone has their own type of rule or philosophy regarding when their children can have their ears pierced and my thought is simple . . . if they are old enough to understand that they will have holes in their ears for the rest of their life and they still want to get them pierced, then by golly they are more than welcome to get them pierced. I LOVE wearing earrings and secretly hope that all of my daughters will want to get their ears pierced, but I do not want to persuade them in any way.

My sweet mother and my younger sister both decided not to get their ears pierced because they didn't want holes in their ears - I figure if I have a daughter that feels the same way, then I will let that be her decision. So far my oldest two have both chosen to get their ears pierced, but Brianna wasn't so sure a couple years ago. She didn't know if she would want holes in her ears. Amber "definitely" does not want her ears pierced and I am not going to talk her into it either. If she comes to me in a few years and has changed her mind, then I will gladly take her to get them done. Getting ears pierced is a fun little event and the girls are so excited afterward when they see the cute earrings in their ears.

I thought it was a lot of fun to go with Brianna and get her ears pierced. She was SO excited and only a little bit nervous. Jason and all the kids came and Jason's parents also met us there, because his mom really wanted to come. Brianna did not want me to film them putting the holes in, but I was able to take before and after pictures. She was so brave and did not cry at all - she said it really didn't hurt that bad. When we came home and had to clean them before bed, we noticed that the back of her ears were stuck in the back of the earrings and it was very painful trying to pull the skin out. She said it hurt worse than the piercing. Well, today it has been six weeks since she got her ears pierced and she took her studs out for the first time. She put on a different pair of earrings and it is adorable.

She had to do one ear at a time because there was only one person there to do the piercing.

Out of curiosity, what is your rule for getting ears pierced? I love to hear what other people do :) My parents said I had to wait until I was 12, but I finally nagged them SO much that I was able to get them when I was 9.


disillusioned said...

I am the only person in my immediate family with them pierced. I like it--have never regretted getting them pierced (although only one hole for me--every and always--thank you!).

My mom has never got them pierced. Her rule was that once we were 18 and moving out of the house we could have them pierced. Not really sure why--she finally admitted that it was just cause she didn't want to have to deal with ear-rings--but she's ultra conservative too....

My sisters have basically followed suit with her. My older sister doesn't want to deal with it--although I wonder if one of her girls begged and bugged enough, she may break down once they're old enough to take care of their ears themselves.

For me--I think my rule will likely be 8, 10, or 12. Basically I don't want to have to be cleaning constantly infected ear-lobes and finding lost ear-rings. So--whenever they're ready for that--I'm good with it. But really--for me the pain was beyond minimal--and have not had any other issues. But, my rule will always be: ONLY for the girls, and ONLY 1 hole :) (and no to little babies getting them pierced--owe!!!)

Mary P.

Tammy said...

I'm the oldest in my family and our rule was 12 but I know neither of my younger sisters had to wait that long. I thought 12 was a little too old.
I still remember the pain of taking out my studs for the first time.

When I was 16 I wanted them double pierced. My mom wouldn't let me so I decided to do it myself. In the bathroom. With a needle. In case you ever look at my ears you will see I only have a double piercing in one ear :)

Now I have a question for you. What age is appropriate for "dangling" earrings?

Mindi B said...

Oh, good question, Tammy. My mom wouldn't let me until middle school and even then, they had to be really small. My Grandma (her mom) would always give me big dangly earrings though, so it was pretty funny. I don't really have an age as long as it doesn't look too grown up and it doesn't get in the way of the way they play at recess or PE, etc. I don't want any injuries.

Mary, I agree about the ONLY one earring. I remember wanting my double pierced when I was in middle school because my best friend had hers double pierced, but my mom would NOT budge . . . and I am SOOOOOO grateful! I only like the one and I also support what President Hinckley counseled. My older sister decided to get hers double pierced when she was 18, but when the prophet said only one earring, she had no problem taking the second ones out - she has never worn them since. I, also, will NOT let me boys do it!! ugh!!!

Marisa said...

No ear piercing for my kids!!! :) Boys are just so EASY!

Mindi B said...

hahaha, Marisa, So true!

Tammy said...

My rule for my girls was 8, but both of my girls got pierced when they were 7, mainly because I got so excited that I couldn't wait. I didn't let Mariasha double pierce, but if Taliah asks, I'll probably let her so she can make her own choices and mistakes. If you take them out for long enough the holes will close up.
When I was growing up the rule was "Not in my house", so I snuck and got 5 holes in one ear and one in the other (over time, not all at once).
I was kind of disappointed when Pres. Hinckley came out with the one pair only, not because I didn't want to lose the extra earrings, but because I had already made that choice on my own several years earlier, so I couldn't "choose to follow the prophet" Oh well.

Mindi B said...

You're cute, Tammy! I hope you are enjoying California!!

Tammy said...

I wondered about the dangling earrings because Nathan gave his best girl friend a pair of small Hello Kitty dangling earrings at the end of the school year and afterwards I thought we probably should have got studs.

I disagree with the other Tammy about the holes closing up. My second hole has been done since 1986 but I stopped wearing an earring in it around 1992. I can still get one it in today.