Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ward Valentine's Party

Our Ward had an adult Valentine's Party this year and it was a lot of fun. We were told to dress up to represent an era from 1950-Present day. We had a lip sync show and it was pretty funny. I sang Hilary Week's song, "My Favorite Things" - it was funny.

Young Women's Presidency

Me bustin' my dance moves. I grabbed Jason and pulled him into the circle, but he would not show everyone his awesomeness (actually, he did not appreciate that I pulled him in - oops).

Our friends, Ryan Hepworth and Matt Barlett singing Soul Train - it was hilarious. Ryan's dancing was SO funny!

Our next door neighbors, Dorothy and John Dearden

RS Presidency

Our host, Cassie Grzesik. She is absolutely one of the funniest people I know!

PR Presidency

Yeah, not sure why my expression is so over the top, but it must have been a good part of the song.


I found this wig in the picture room and couldn't resist

Jason and Dave Brueck - we were having fun in the picture room

The Bishopric

The Brueck's and us . . oh, and Marilyn :)


jb said...

As always Dave looks like he TOTALLY wants to be there!!

Quincy said...

Looks like a BLAST!

Mandy said...

The Bruecks were in my Pennsylvania ward growing up! I think Dave was at college and on his mission though so I don't know that he'd remember us. LOVED his dad, he was the coolest Sunday School teacher EV-ER! Such an awesome family. My family moved to Virginia and the Bruecks moved to Utah, so I'm pretty sure Dave would only vaguely recognize our last name, and maybe not.... McCarty. Anyway, so funny, small world!
PS Looks like a fun party. :)