Thursday, June 23, 2011

1st Place - Really?! :)

Caution: This post contains bragging! :)

Corbyn participated in his second Pinewood Derby a couple weeks ago and much to our surprise, he came in First place!

We think it is pretty funny because we are not big competitors in this area. Kelsea gave Corbyn a great idea for the shape of his car, then Corbyn did all the paint work and made the car his own. We finished his car just moments before it was to be officially weighed in and we were very excited to have it done. We told Corbyn to be grateful no matter how well his car did and when it cruised down the track the first race he was in we were blown away! The look on Corbyn's face was priceless!! Corbyn's car stayed on top of the leader board the entire night, except after one race. Immediately following that race he went back to the top and stayed there until the end.

I am SO happy that Corbyn's car did so well! What a fun memory for him to have :)


Andrea said...

I love a little bragging once in awhile! Congrats to Corbyn. That is awesome!

Jessa said...

That's awesome! Yeah for Corbyn!

Tammy said...

I don't know how I missed this post earlier but it's never too late to say congratulations!

Both my boys were so excited for Corbyn!