Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

Every year we go to Bear Lake with all of my side of the family and this year was no different!  We had such a blast and it was nice that all of our children were a little bit older and so much easier to manage.  I LOVE going to Bear Lake, I LOVE being with family and I LOVE skiing!!!

The first night we arrived at Bear Lake I played with the kids in the water for quite awhile.  It was late in the evening and VERY pleasant!  Everyone was genuinely happy and I felt more than blissful myself!

Yes, I realize my farmer tan is the envy of the world, so of course I agreed to pose for this picture - please do not be jealous, it was filled in by the end of the week ;)

We had the most massive rain storm roll in and it was magnificent! We were all in awe!

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