Friday, May 8, 2009

BYU Women's Conference

Last week, I had the opportunity of going to BYU Women's Conference. It was a very enriching experience for me and I feel like I came home a better person (well, at least a person who truly aspires to being better). I have never understood why people are so crazy about going to a two day conference once a year, but now that I have experienced it for myself, I get it. I hope to be able to go every year from now on.

I left on Wednesday night and came home on Saturday morning. I was really excited to stay in Heritage Halls and it sure brought back memories of my days at BYU in Deseret Towers. Here's a shot of my room 'with a view' (yes, that is the "Y" on the mountain, just outside my window).

I learned a lot from the classes I attended, but my favorite was John Bytheway's class on how to communicate with teenagers. It gave me a lot of insight on how to communicate with my future teenagers. I also loved Sis. Beck's talk in the Friday morning General Session - you could see the sincerity, concern, and love in her eyes and she told us to "Fight" for the family!

Thursday evening they had a concert of a bunch of music artists and it was really good!

I would have to say that my most spiritual and touching experience I had at the conference was when everyone in the Marriott Center stood up and sang "Now Let us Rejoice" directed by Merrilee Webb. I truly could not sing because I was so overcome with emotion. To see that many women united in common belief and conviction was too powerful to describe.

I am so grateful for my opportunity to attend Women's Conference. When my sweet friend asked me if I wanted to go, I was leery of leaving my family, having Jason take off work to be with the kids, and taking time for myself that I didn't feel I needed. Well, I needed it - not the time away, but the lessons I learned. I'm so grateful to the women that got me to go, I'm grateful to Jason for being so unselfish and staying home with the kids, and I am grateful to the Lord for teaching me!


sarahandtim said...

How cool! Thank you for sharing your sweet experiences, Mindi! Sounds like you had an absolute blast. After battling the traffic in recent years, I can see the wisdom in staying on campus. How enriching. Awesome.

michellejohnnie said...

I keep hearing amazing things about it every year from a few of my friends that go. One of these years, I might make it!!!

Forsyth Family said...

GiGi says amen to all you said!!

Valerie said...

I didn't get to go to women's conference this year so I'm searching online for people's notes. :) I just love it! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't get through the songs without tearing up. Glad you had fun!