Monday, August 24, 2009

Reeder Family Reunion

On August 15, Jason's extended family (on his Mom's side) had their annual Reeder Reunion in Ogden. I woke up that morning feeling SO sick and couldn't keep anything down, so Jason took all of the kids and went to the reunion without me. They had a great time and I was REALLY bummed that I didn't get to go up and see everyone (I LOVE the Reeders!).

On their way home, they stopped and visited Jason's Grandma Barker who was just recently moved to an Alzheimer's unit in the Nursing home. She has early stages of Dementia and is getting much better care. The kids had a blast playing with her and the other patients in the common area (I wish I had pictures, but sweet Jason was too busy with all the kids to worry about pictures.)

I really missed the family while they were gone, but it was nice to be sick in a quiet house. (It was still VERY miserable though!!!)

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