Monday, August 24, 2009

YW Girls' Camp 2009

I'm so very grateful to my sweet Bishop for giving me clearance to attend Girls' Camp 32 weeks pregnant. I had the greatest time and loved getting to know all of the girls better. What a great group of youth we have in our ward!!!!! Not to mention, I love all the leaders!!!

We went to Heber Valley Camp and it is really nice. (A great place for a prego lady!) The first night was quite eventful in my cabin. We had two girls throwing up and a critter getting into people's stuff. Aside from getting no sleep that night, the rest of the week was great!

Our Ward's pavilion

My Cabin with our awesome "Peeps" flag. We had the best cabin, for sure! ;)

Mariah Foster, Liz Ring, Nicole Foster, Carissa Gossard, Kaitlyn Taylor, and Whitney Winsor

Crazy Hair Day! The girls decided to have fun with my hair; Liz and Cassidy did a fabulous job with the faux-hawk - I looked pretty dreadful as you can see!

Service Project - We transported a bunch of bark up a trail to the area it needed to be and we also hauled old trees up a path to be taken out of camp. It was really hot, but the girls did a great job!

This was a spaghetti dinner where we had the girls all tied together - Team work?!

The skits were great, but I must say, my cabin ROCKED! Their skit was SO funny! Props to Caitlin Helpworth for being the funniest of the day!

Good Ol' Snipe Hunting - and yes, Kim Wright had never been - giggle, giggle! We took full advantage :)

We ended camp with a really nice testimony meeting on Thursday night with our Bishopric. It was pouring rain, so instead of being around the campfire we were in the pavilion - what a blessing we had the pavilion.

I'm so grateful to Jason and both of our moms for helping out with the kids while I was gone. I could not have done it without all of them. I have the best family in the world and the greatest calling!

"My life is good . . . Real good!"
(Nacho Libre)

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