Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Desk and Chair

Our Elementary School did a Fall Auction to raise money for PTA and I was asked to decorate an old desk and chair to be auctioned off. It took FOREVER to finish because of all the coats of paint that had to be used to cover the old finish. I was hoping to win it in the auction, but was outbid at the last minute. Oh well. (If you can't tell, the colors are purple and turquoise.)


- - - said...

That's too bad that you got out bidded, it turned out way cute! But I do find it funny that you posted about your desk before you posted about your cute new little girl!:) Just kidding!!! Congratulations by the way!!!

The Blomquist Bunch said...

cute desk! I don't think I even saw that one there that night---maybe someone hid it so they'd get it for sure :) i'll BET that was a ton of work!!