Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BYU Women's Conference

A group of ladies from my neighborhood went down to BYU's Women's Conference at the end of April and we had a great time. (Jason was a sweetie and took off work to stay home with the kiddos W-Sat.)

We stayed at Heritage Halls and after dropping off our bags on Wednesday evening, we went over to the BYU Creamery to have ice cream (I, of course, did not have any, but I still enjoyed the company).

The actual conference was awesome!! I attended great classes this year and went to most of them with my friends. There are a lot of great ideas that I want to implement in my own life. One of the best classes we went to was taught by Jack R. Christensen. This picture below shows how long the line was that we waited in to get into the class . . . well worth it. (It's funny, because when I got home and told Jason about his class, he said that Jack Christensen is his bus buddy. They ride the same bus in Lehi up to SL each day and Bro. Christensen and him have gotten to know each other. Jason said he is one of the nicest people he has ever met. Pretty awesome!)

On Thursday evening, they had a music concert with a bunch of LDS artists and it was a lot of fun. Hilary Weeks was the MC and she was a total hoot! The Fab Five, from America's Got Talent, also came and performed and they were very good! When I was 8-12 years old, I was on Shaundalee Whitear's clogging team - My older sister was on LaChere's clogging team and LaChere's husband was my sister's duet partner for a few years. Small world, huh? We used to have group clogging parties at the Whitear's home in Morgan, Utah - that was the first time I saw "Peewee's Big Adventure" - I'm still a little spooked by the diesel drivers eyes!!! ;)

Kristie and I wanted to get pictures with Hilary Weeks and The Fab Five, but it was SO cold outside waiting. Jamie and Jennie were doing the funniest little dance to keep themselves warm (Kristie and I thought it was funny because they looked like they needed to use the bathroom.)

When we got to the front of the line and I approached Shaundalee to see if she remembered me, I heard in the background, "MINDI?!!" I turned to look and it was one of my clogging coaches,
Bonnie Steele. I was SO excited to see her!! We embraced and of course I had to have her come join Kristie and I in the picture. What a small world!

These are some awesome ladies and some of the greatest friends to spend time with!! Jennie B. was my roommate and we were like two young college girls giggling for hours into the night. I think the earliest we went to bed was 1:30 a.m. - the others stayed up and played games until about midnight.

Next year we hope that more women from our neighborhood will be able to join us!!! It really is a blast, for any of you who are reading this and did not join us this year ;)


Tammy said...

What a beautiful and fun group of women!

Mindi B said...

You know you can join us, right?!! We would LOVE to have you!!

Mindi B said...
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Forsyth Family said...

I need copies of the picture of us with Hilary Weeks for my picture of the day!! We did have fun--and that kind of fun will survive any kind of ward boundaries!! Love ya