Tuesday, May 4, 2010

St. George

We decided to go down to St. George for Easter and we had a great time. Jason's parents also came and we stayed at their place. We celebrated "Easter Bunny" Easter on Saturday morning, then enjoyed both sessions of conference. In between sessions, we went to Cafe Rio and we lost the steering in our Suburban (it was freaky trying to pull into the parking lot and not being able to!). We had the car towed to a shop and they spent the next few hours fixing it. While Jason and his dad went to the Priesthood Session, Jason's mom took me to pick up the car and it took them two more hours to fix it because they had installed the wrong part and it broke; it was kind of frustrating, but not a big deal.

On Sunday, we enjoyed celebrating "The Savior's Resurrection" Easter and we watched the final two sessions of General Conference. The kids were REALLY good and loved doing their Conference activity sheets that I prepared beforehand. We went on a walk in the evening and it was really nice.

Overall the trip was great! Biking, Hiking, Swimming, Running, Exercising, etc. I can't wait to go back!!


Tammy said...

Great pictures! Looks like a nice get away.

Nicky said...

My goodness I think the whole neighborhood was in St. George that weekend.

Nicky said...

Where where you hiking at?

Andrea said...

Makes me want to go on vacation. Great pics. I love how "posey" Brianna was in them. She looks adorable.