Thursday, June 24, 2010

Corbyn's first Pinewood Derby

A couple weeks ago, Corbyn participated in his first ever pinewood derby. He was SO excited when his den leaders passed out the cars that he came home and hammered in the wheels right away - Aaaaa! I told him we needed to cut the car, sand it, and paint it before we could do that, so we got the wheels out and Corbyn designed his car. He knew exactly what he wanted and Jason cut it according to Corbyn's design. Corbyn was VERY excited to paint it and wanted it to be the primary colors. He was very particular about how he wanted it to look, so I did not do it for him. He was very pleased with his car.

The night of the derby, I was so nervous for Corbyn and hoped that he would be happy no matter what place he came in. Well, his first round up, he came in third and I fully expected to see some disappointment in his face . . . but to my surprise, he jumped up and cheered when his car crossed the finish line - it was the cutest thing!! He had such a ball all night and even though he didn't place overall, he had 1 second place and 1 first place finish. I was so pleased that he was so happy!!

After we got home from the derby, Corbyn said that he wanted to paint his car again . . . why would he want to do that?! Well, he decided he wanted an Army car, so this is what he did - I think it's GREAT!!!

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Tammy said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again . . . .
Corbyn is adorable! I can totally see him being happy no matter what place he took.