Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So weird that I never blogged about this, but a little over a month ago our ward was split and my YW's presidency was dissolved. I am no longer serving in Young Women's and I miss it a lot. It's interesting though because the Lord completely prepared me for this transition. I knew that I was going to be released and I felt comfort and peace. I have my Wednesday nights back with my family and I have a lot more time on my hands. Though I miss being with the girls and being with our awesome presidency, I am, surprisingly, okay - Wow!

I got put in nursery the first week after the split and though I felt a little disappointed that I didn't get to be in Relief Society for at least a couple weeks, I am happy to serve in Nursery. It's definitely a transition though . . . although, I am surrounded by small children every day, so it is not too different. I have enjoyed my first three weeks in nursery. My mind is consumed with how to make this nursery the best it can be. I want the sweet nursery kids to know how important it is to learn about the gospel and feel the spirit. I am with the younger kids and there is about 10-15 of them . . . it can get pretty crazy, but they are great! There are a couple of them that cry and cry because they want to go to their parents, but last week they both stayed the entire time and I was SO encouraged by that!!! I just love Heavenly Father's children and I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve them! So if you don't see me around anymore, come find me in the nursery and say Hi :)


disillusioned said...

I "volunteered" (and then was officially called) to teach nursery for a year. LOVED it! Have such a testimony of the importance of nursery! Really wish my nephew and niece could have gone to nursery (they can't cause of the germs--my nephew gets sick to easy--and you have to admit, nursery is a breeding ground for germs). And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new manual. It is (I think) one of the best manuals in the church!

Mary P :)

Devon said...

Oh, you are going to be amazing in there! I'm excited to come and visit the ward soon too! You could pretty much be amazing in every single calling in the church...will you move to our ward out here? You'd be a great addition to EVERYTHING!

Thayne6 said...

My boys told me that they learned about "Following the prophet" last week. They like the song and so I just thought they had sang it, but after looking at their papers they colored, it was about following the prophet. Thank you for teaching my children. They really are learning and I really appreciate you being in there!
--Jamie T.