Saturday, December 18, 2010

Celebration of the Arts Production

From September to November, Jason, Kelsea, and I had the opportunity to participate in a "Celebration of the Arts" Musical Production. It was absolutely amazing!! We performed the first week in November and everything went so well. I had the time of my life and Jason is really glad that I talked him into being in it as well. Here are some pictures from the show:


"The Music Man"
I was a pick-a-little lady

"Bye Bye Birdie"
Jason and I were parents that were upset with our teenage daughters for following Conrad Birdie. I seriously wouldn't have posted these pictures, since my face it so funky all the time, but Jason looks GOOD!!

I was a Boylin Sister (the three ladies that sing on Bert Healy's radio station)
and Kelsea was one of the orphans

"Les Miserables"
I was in the chorus

Curtain Call

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Andrea said...

You guys were totally awesome in it, by the way. I don't think I ever told ya.