Monday, January 16, 2012

Larson Extended Family Christmas Party

Every year in between Christmas and New Years we have a big Larson party with all of my aunts/uncles/cousins and their children.  It's SO much fun!  We have a big dinner, then when dinner is done, all of the kids go to other parts of the Church building where activities and games are set up for them with older single adults hired to watch them.  During that time all of the adults meet in the gym to play games.  It's seriously a blast.  This year Uncle Jerry and Aunt Jan were in charge of the games and split everyone into teams.  My team was a hoot and when you get to the picture that shows the scoreboard . . . my team was number 4 - booya! :)

The following picture is of the last game we played and it was really funny!  My uncle read a series of questions and if you had done what he asked you had to move a certain number of spaces to the right or left.  If someone was already sitting in the seat you landed on, you had to sit on their lap.  There were a couple times that 5 people were sitting on someone's lap.  Super entertaining! 

On the very last question, I landed on the chair Jason was sitting in, so I hopped right up on his lap.  I sure LOVE this man!!

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