Monday, January 16, 2012

16 Years and Counting!

December 30th was our 16th Anniversary and we decided to go stay somewhere nice to celebrate.  We had a great night: movie, dinner, and post Christmas shopping.  I'm SO thankful for my wonderful Jason!  He is my best friend on earth and I would not have picked anyone different to spend the rest of Eternity with.  In honor of the man I love so much, I thought I would share with you: 

"The Top 16 Things I LOVE About Jason!"

16. He’s stinkin’ good looking!
15. I don’t know anyone who bakes more cookies in a week than he does and consumes less cookies in a week than he does . . . HOW DOES HE DO IT?!
14. He LOVES the Food Network and “ANYTHING Impossible” (Dinner, Restaurant, Mission)
13. He does the laundry . . . yep, that’s right, HE does the laundry! (At least, this year anyway)
12. He’s SUPER clean!
11. Nobody has more Hawaiian Shirts than he does
10. He's a really good dancer, tennis player, golfer, snow skier, water skier, and basketball player
9. He climbs thousands of stair steps a day without using his hands – hehehe!
8. You will often see him doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and just about everything ‘kitchen’ related, except for wiping the counters – that’s for me ;)
7. You will often catch him with his Macbook in his lap, his iPad in his hands, and his iPhone sitting right next to him. He's the poster child for Apple
6. He loves to embarrass me in the store by breaking out into song and dance
5. He loves what I cook and is always very complimentary
4. He's very romantic and enjoys watching "Chick Flicks" with me
3. He loves having his head scratched
2. He averages more miles of research on the computer in a day than I average running in a week.

And the Number One thing I LOVE about Jason is . . . 

1. He's survived 16 years of being married to me and still wants to keep going! J

I had to show off my new BYU sweats, even though I totally have no makeup on ;) They are the best sweats ever and it just happened to be the BYU Bowl Game on our Anniversary - Sweet!!


Mandy said...

Very cute post Mindi. Here's to happy marriages!

CorayFam said...

LOVED reading this!!! :)

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!