Sunday, June 24, 2012

Clogging Competition at Thanksgiving Point

Corbyn, Brianna, and Amber competed in their first clogging competition at Thanksgiving Point and did a great job.  We thought Amber would have stage fright, but she performed in four different dances and did great.  Brianna and Corbyn both received 1st place finishes in freestyle and qualified for Nationals and Amber got 2nd, which was great!  Amber was sad about finishing second, but considering she is so young, has only been taking clogging for a little while, I think she did wonderfully! 

Okay, so I got in a little trouble for this, but they asked if there were any fathers in the audience that would come up and do a dance off so I volunteered Jason.  He was awesome!!  I think even they were surprised at how well he could dance . . . little did they know he used to be a competition clogger :)  Surprise!

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