Sunday, June 24, 2012

Totally Frustrating!

For Corbyn's Pinewood Derby we bought different weights than what we have used in the past and it was disastrous!  When we melted the metal it burned through our pan and ate through our stove.  When I saw that it burned through the pan, I quickly grabbed my nice spatula to scrape it off and then when I realized it was ruining my nice spatula, I hurried and wiped off the end of the spatula with my bare hand . . . . YEOW!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe how dumb that was of me to do that.  I grabbed burning hot liquid with my bare hand, without even thinking, and I instantly blistered!  It hurt so bad and I was super frustrated that it destroyed our stove.  We were able to get the metal off of the stove, but it literally ate through the enamel and left dents in the flat top . . . GRRRR!

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