Monday, August 26, 2013

Wasatch Back Ragnar 2013

Here's some pictures of the Wasatch Back Ragnar that I ran in June.  Like my previous post mentioned, I only found out about this race one week beforehand and I was asked to be Runner 11 (probably the runner with the three hardest legs of the race).  My first leg was 7.3 miles running uphill to Snowbasin.  It was absolutely gorgeous, but was uphill almost the entire time.  Some parts were pretty steep!  My goal was to run the entire time and never stop; I am pleased to say that I reached my goal even though almost every runner that was by me was stopping and walking for a little bit.  When I got to the top of the hill and was so excited to see my team as I ran into Snowbasin resort, they were not there!  One member was there because he was the runner after me, but the others were stuck at the bottom of the mountain because our van overheated.  It was a little anti-climatic, but that's okay . . . the run was BEAUTIFUL!

My second leg of the race was 5.5 with slight uphill and wasn't too bad, but my last leg of the race was KILLER!!  It was 7.9 miles down the backside of "Ragnar Hill" and I thought it would be pretty easy because it was down hill . . . oh, contrar!!  It was the most exhausting run I have ever done for any Ragnar race up to this point!  It was so steep running down that I was going so fast it hurt!  By the time I got to the bottom of the mountain, in to Park City, I was SO tired.  I had 2.5 miles left until reaching the high school where I would finish and I wanted to stop and walk so bad.  I had made the goal not to stop on any of the legs the entire race, so I did NOT stop, but it took everything I had to keep going.  I was EXHAUSTED!

I'm glad I ran the race and I had a really good time, but I would never be Runner 11 ever again. It was definitely challenging, but at least I proved that I can do hard things.

My van experience was a little different than all of the other Ragnars I've run, but was still fun.  I was the only girl with 5 guys and that was a little different.  My younger brother, Brian, was with me and I really enjoyed that.  I missed all the van support from my other teams, but the dynamic of this van was still a hoot. :)

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