Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Eve Party

For the past three years we have had a New Year's Eve party at our house and this year we invited my family over for some fun.

Kelsea, Grandma Hall, Liz, and my mom
(My mom and Grandma spent the night)

Landon and Anna

Grandma Hall, my mom, Anna, and Tracy (my older brother's wife)

We had to have plenty of munchies

Corbyn got out one of our library books on drawing and who knew it would be such a hit! All of sudden everyone was at the table showing of their sweet art abilities


We had a lot of fun playing games, eating food, talking, laughing, watching Times Square, doing fireworks, and playing Dance Revolution. I sure love my family and I am really grateful that they were able to come and celebrate the New Year with us!


shelbell said...

Ah, I see things like this and totally miss having my family close. Happy New Year. Looks like a fun fam. party!

By the way...your mom looks SO young!

The Blomquist Bunch said...

WOW! Your living room is positively aglow with light in those photos! :) It must happen whenever YOU walk into the room, right? Mysterious coincidence that since your hair went platinum your living room is brighter . . . hmmmmm. heh heh heh

Andrea said...

So you guys were the ones doing fireworks and waking us up at midnight.... We were really fun that night! I asked Brianna the day after and she denied going outside at all or making any noise. Ha. I love giving that girl a hard time. And I love that you were all around the table drawing together. That was really cool.

Marisa said...

I sure love your family too!!! :)