Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stuck on the Lip

Landon is a finger sucker and when I went to check on him before bed, the other night, this is what I saw - it was so much more funny in person! His fingers were literally stuck on his bottom lip and he was breathing so loud.

How do you rid a child of finger sucking?! It's cute now, but it won't be when he gets a little older and can't stop - anyone have any advice?


The Blomquist Bunch said...

HA! That is a great photo! Love it. And hey, if we come up with any great way to help emmi overcome her thumb-sucking addiction, we'll pass our knowledge onto you. For right now I still think it is adorable . . .

Cory, Julie and Mollie said...

That is PRECIOUS! I think thumb/finger sucking is adorable!

Jaime said...

I love this picture! I love to see sleeping peaceful! If you find out anything to help with thumb sucking, let me know!

disillusioned said...

As a former (and very strong) thumb sucker----there's really not much you can do except not make a big deal of it (especially avoid embarrassing kids).

My experience has been that:

1. Most kids who suck fingers or thumbs are actually very highly sensitive AND well soothed. Because, they've found how to soothe themselves. I sucked my thumb until (I think) first grade. And even did it at school (hiding it), for the beginning of kindergarten. I've found that peer pressure works best (I know it seems harsh--but it's the ONLY thing that worked for me). My mother and father were wise enough to do very little about it (my father did try to describe once to me about how I looked during the summer before first grade--but that only made me more conscience about where I was sucking...didn't make me stop). I remember my grandmother bribed me--so I lied to get the bribe, and just stopped around her---but didn't really "stop" until I was ready to stop.

So--sorry if that's not the most motivating advice---but it's what I experienced (oh--and I unconsciously sucked when I was sleeping until I got head gear that I had to wear at night in 4th grade--so seriously, sometimes it's so hard written into kids that it won't matter what parents do.)

Although--here's something more motivating: I have noticed that kids who suck fingers usually quit earlier than those who suck thumbs :)

Mary P.

Colleen said...

Some of the funnest,creative people are those who suck their fingers! Just look at it this way...they WILL grow out of it at some point. You will be sad when Landon does.
Grandma B