Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Knowledge Bowl

March 14th was the District Knowledge Bowl and Kelsea was on one of the teams from her school. They have been preparing all year for the competition and my, was it a competition. I was amazed at how super gung-ho some of the other schools were! Kelsea did a really good job and answered most of the questions for her team (her teammates seemed really shy and only one of her teammates hit the buzzer to answer a question in all four games). Her team didn't win any of the matches, but I think it was a really good experience for Kelsea to have. (She says she is going to do much better next year, "because she wants to win" - you can tell she's competitive like her mother.)

This is Kelsea and her friend, Aubrey. They weren't on the same team, but it was fun to be there together - not to mention, they were really excited when they got the goody bags the coaches passed out.

Good job, Kelsea!

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Colleen said...

I was so proud of Kelsea watching her at the knowledge bowl.
What a smartee!!!