Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So, I'm a pretty awesome Mom, right? I finally took Landon into the Doctor yesterday and he had double ear infections and pink eye. Oops! I guess he didn't have a measly virus after all - moral of the story? If greenish looking discharge is coming out of your child's eyes, take 'em to the doctor, duh!


Ali said...

Wow, from the pictures of him it doesn't look like the ear infections were bothering him much! Congrats on the latest pregnancy! Have you been this sick with all your pregnancies? Yuck. Every time I get the flu I remember why I should never get pregnant again! =) Good luck!

The Pratt Family said...

Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. My sister-in-law, up north there, also experienced the same thing. Her son had a double ear infection and double eye infection and he was happy and not whiney. The only way she knew it was bad was when she finally took him in to the doctor and they told her what it was. Her son acted like he was fine. Don't feel bad, it's hard to tell if your child is sick if they are happy.

What!!!??? You're pregnant!!!??? Holy cow!!! That's great!!! I'm sorry your sick, though. Congratulations!!!

- - - said...

So Brycelynn also had a double ear infection too but my poor parents had to find out the hard way when we were in Disneyland, and they stayed here with her. They had to take her to the doctors and the doctors kinda questioned them and why it wasn't me bringing her into them. Anyways I hope he is getting better. I need to take Brycie in for a follow up because she is just not being herself, or maybe she is just realizing grandma isn't around to spoil her anymore. Anyways I hope you start feeling better soon yourself. I always got morning sickness with my girls and never was sick with my boys.

Stacie Mathis said...

Our last surprise was ... Croupe and 2 ear infections! Did you know you can still get ear infections even after you pay all that money to get tubes put in their little ears!