Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Remember Who Loves You"

On Tuesday night, my Grandpa Darrington passed away. He died in his sleep and must have had a peaceful passing. He lived such a great life and I absolutely adored him! Anyone who knew him could coin his favorite phrase without even thinking twice about it - He always told us to "Remember Who Loves You" - that is something I will NEVER forget!

Love you, Grandpa!


sarahandtim said...

Sorry to hear the news about your Grandpa. What a great thing to be remembered for

Davis Family said...

Sorry about your grandfather. It is good to have memories to keep him alive with.

The Bohman Bunch said...


I was so happy to hear from you on my blog, but am sorry to hear about your grandpa. I would LOVE to see you. We were out of town when you did your get together. Call me if you are over this way, or better yet, let's just plan a time!