Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We did it . . . finally!

We have been wanting to put in box gardens ever since we moved in and we finally did it. Jason purchased all the wood and with the children, they treated them with Linseed Oil. Corbyn and Brianna were so excited about helping and though the oil might be a little thick in areas, it's great that it was done by them.

When the soil was delivered, once again, the kids really wanted to help get it in the wheelbarrow and to the back yard.

Here's the finished product

And we finally planted it with a bunch of starters and a bunch of seeds. This is our trial year and was all done by us and the kids . . . we'll see how it turns out.


Kelli said...

Darling blog, beautiful family, and great boxes! Looks like you've got some lucky kids.
Kelli (from Madrigals)

chris w said...

Very cool! We want to do some box gardens (since the dirt out here is so sad). You gave us some motivation!!

Devon said...

I just went to an Enrichment class on this exact thing, and I am very jealous! I keep thinking, "it would be a lot easier to garden if the boxes were already here!" Your pictures of all the kids are so cute too! I love seeing them all at school. And congrats on the new little girl! I am SO excited for you! I can't wait to see pictures...Miss you!

sarahandtim said...

congratulations! are you familiar with square foot gardening? i don't know too much about it but Phil and Sandy Brueck are doing an awesome job with some similar planters in their back yard. i'll bet Sandy would love to tell you about it.