Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Reunion Beyond the Veil

So, Jason and I just watched the Series Finale of Medium and it was totally not what I expected. We had no idea it was the series finale so when Joe (the main character's husband) died, we thought it must just be a dream that she would wake up from again. As it turned out, he really did die and came to her to let her know. It was SO sad and I really fought back the tears as I sat there, cuddled up to Jason. I was thinking of how tragic that would be if it was Jason coming to me and telling me that he had just died and would no longer be with our family in this lifetime. I then started to think about my sweet mother. How did she do it?! How did she manage to cope with my dad's tragic death? I have been married almost as long as my mom was when my dad died and I can only imagine how awful it would be to lose Jason after all this time. My sweet mom! She must miss my dad so terribly!!!

At the end of the show, it forwarded 41 years and showed Allison (the main character) sitting in a rest home listening to a message from her great grand daughter, when all of a sudden she peacefully passed away. Just as she died, it showed her younger self standing there looking at her older self and then she heard her husband call to her from the other side of the room. As she saw him and they ran to embrace each other, I completely lost it. I mean, completely. I just started bawling! I sat there arm in arm with Jason and all I could think about was how magnificent my reunion with my dad is going to be and better yet how amazing it will be when my Dad and my Mom finally embrace again. To have someone you love SO much taken away from you seems so unfair and so unbearable, but to think of such a happy reunion makes it all okay. I cannot wait for that day!!!! I cannot wait for that moment when I pass through the veil and I see my wonderful dad standing there with open arms waiting to embrace me once again. I loved my dad SO much on this Earth and I love him still SO much. I miss him like crazy!! I just want to hug him SO bad! I just want to be with him and tell him all about my life: my wonderful husband, my beautiful children, my happiness. I want him to meet my little family and have the opportunity to build relationships with each of them . . . I just want my daddy!!! (and yes, the tears are streaming.) Thank goodness for a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation for the knowledge that families can be together forever. If I did not have that knowledge I would not make it through this life!


Melanie said...

You made me cry, Mindi. I think of my relationship with my dad and how I would miss that and my heart breaks for you.
I'm sure you probably look at dads and daughters the same way I look at mothers snuggling babies. There is a twinge of pain deep inside and yet you're so happy that someone else is blessed to have those experiences. I don't begrudge them but I long for them. I hope that my son and your dad are the first ones in line for a hug when we pass on. We're going to need a lot of hugs to make up for the ones we've missed!

Mindi B said...

Amen, Melanie! I can't wait for you to be reunited with your son either. We are both going to have the happiest day!