Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple Prayer

It's interesting to me how the Lord answers our prayers in such simple ways sometimes. Last night I asked if the Lord would give me an opportunity to serve someone else, this week, and before I knew it, my prayer had been answered.

On my way to pick up carpool, this morning, I saw a young teenage girl, on my street, trying to push her car out of the bottom of her driveway. The car was clearly stuck and she couldn't get it out. When I saw her, I wanted to stop and help her so bad, but I needed to pick up all the carpool girls, too, so that they would not be late to school. I knew I needed to help this girl, so I told Kelsea that we were going to hurry and pick up carpool then hurry and swing back and get her unstuck before we drove to the school. As we came back to where she was, she seemed very relieved when we pulled up. I asked her if she had tried to gun it back up the driveway and then back out again and she hadn't. I told her I would be happy to do it for her and she was concerned because it was a stick shift. I LOVE stick shift. I got in and gunned it up the hill, then back down, then back up, then back down, and finally on the third try I got it all the way out and into the road. Yeah!! I could tell she was so grateful and so relieved and it really was no big deal to do at all. When I got back in the car all of the carpool girls were really pleased that we had served someone as well.

I am truly grateful for this small answer to a prayer, because it really brightened up may day and let that young girl know that I cared.


Tammy said...

I expected this to be a story about Corbyn and having his prayer answered this past week :) but this was also a very sweet story. So nice of you to be so helpful!

Forsyth Family said...

You are so awesome--anytime you are looking for someone to serve, my door is always open!! love ya!

Melanie said...

People like you make this world a better place, Mindi! Thanks for the example for my girls!