Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences


This post contains "parental bragging" and may cause brain irritation if you have sensitivity to the aforementioned factor. Please do not continue reading if you start to feel annoyed, frustrated, or irritated. These symptoms can cause severe envy and will summon immediate psychiatric care.

So, I went to Parent Teacher Conferences last week and was very pleased that all three of my school children received great marks and great comments by their teachers!!!

Brianna had a problem with talking too much the last time we met with her teacher and I am happy to say that Mrs. Kunze said she is now one of the children that tries to get everyone else to be quiet. She behaves really well, is excelling in her studies, and is reading above her grade level. :)

Corbyn is a delight to his teacher, Miss Eliason. He is reading so much better than before and really tries hard in all that he does. She is really pleased with his success and determination.

Kelsea is doing really well in all of her studies. Sra. Vera said that she is starting to be more confident in her Spanish speaking and is excelling in all of her core subjects. In fact, she surprised us with an award that Kelsea received for being in the top 10 percent in the entire nation in ALL of the core subjects for the Iowa testing. She was very pleased and said it was a great honor, reflective of Kelsea's hard work.

Jason and I are both so pleased that the children are doing well in school. We know that we cannot force them to do well and we know that they are not perfect, but the fact that all of their teachers are pleased with their performances is a parenting payoff!

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The Blomquist Bunch said...

boy, that made my head hurt. so much parental pride and such (hee hee):) your kids are marvelous and of course their teachers love having them (plus, brianna had a great sunbeam teacher who trained her in the force . . . ) Great kids and great parents---high fives to the Barker peeps!