Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just have to say, I have been listening to the Nacho Libre soundtrack all day and I can't get over how funny it is. I love all the quotes and just the pure silliness of it all. When I turned on one of the songs, I looked in the back seat of the car and Landon was totally jammin' to it. I wish so bad I had had a video camera - too funny for words. Nacho Libre may be a really dumb movie (that I happen to like), but you must admit it is extremely quotable!

"When I was in the wilderness, I wrote a song for Incarnacion . . . in my mind. Want me to sing it for you?"


chandra said...

LOL. We happen to enjoy Nacho Libre very much at our house. It is after all Daesha's all time favorite movie. And we had nothing to do with it. "did you not tell them they are the Lord's chips"

Quincy said...

In deed, it is an epic film. I went through a phase of watching every night! It's that great. Carissa and I say the quotes back and forth in our dreaful English class to stay entertained :)

shelbell said...

That show kills me:)9