Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue and White Scrimmage

We decided to go to the BYU Blue and White scrimmage this year and it was wet and cold!! The kids had fun, but were done after the first quarter. I could have stayed, but decided their freezing toes were more important than my desire to stay to the end :)

(The battery went dead, on my camera, right after I took this shot, so I was not able to get any other pictures - oh, well.) We stood in line to get a picture with Bronco Mendenhall, but when we were three people away, Amber said she REALLY needed to go potty . . . Aaaaaa! Corbyn stayed behind with my sister, Tracy, and was able to get a picture with him.


Mandy said...

We were there too. What a blast! I'm hoping they do it every year, and that next spring it is more spring like. ;)

Forsyth Family said...

What a day!! What a true fan you are to take your little kids out in that yuck! Someday you will get your picture with Bronco!