Saturday, May 28, 2011

My First Half Marathon

I ran my first Half Marathon this morning, but I don't have anything to show for it (t-shirt, bib number, cool pictures). It was actually by accident that I ran the half. My friend and I started our run this morning and decided to try a new 10 mile route that our neighbor runs. As we were starting his route from the backward side, we took a wrong road and ended up going much farther West than what the route was supposed to be. As we got to the main road and started heading toward home we tried to calculate how far we had run by our time and by my friend's pedometer. We knew we would be close to 13.1 miles, so we decided to run past our homes for awhile and make sure that we finished a full 13.1. We had no idea what point we needed to stop, so when we were at our end point, we ran 50 yards more.

I am not gonna lie - it hurt! I was not that tired, but my body ached! We had not planned running that far, so we did not have any water, protein, or anything to give us energy during the run. It was a long recovery walk back to our homes and we had to stop at the park to get a drink.

After we got home, my friend calculated our distance by google maps - we couldn't believe what the end distance was . . . 13.1007 . . . can you believe it?! If we had not run that extra 50 yards we would not have made it. Now I know I can do it!! Yeah!!!


marcella said...

You go GIRL!

The Blomquist Bunch said...

SUH-WUH-EEEEEEET! You guys are totally awesome (well, at running, not so much at directions ;)

crush said...

Mindy- this is Cami Rush. Finally getting around to reading about your 1/2 marathon!!! Way to go!! I just got done with a big bike race and then we just had Ragnar last weekend! I am exhausted with it all!!! No more races for me this summer. Just fun stuff now! Maybe I'll see you out one day! Good job for being able to do it!