Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BYU Women's Conference

I had a chance to go to BYU Women's Conference again this year and once again, it was wonderful. I loved all of my classes and I sure love the women I went with. (Hopefully even more women will join us next year.) My mom surprised me and came down the first day and we spent the day together going to classes - I LOVED having her there. I also had the privilege of talking to Mike Middleton (Cougar Club Director) for quite awhile and he was telling my mom and me all about the BYU sports programs, which I LOVE. (I have since talked to him about getting an athlete assembly at our new elementary school and he told me that I should seriously consider being on the Cougar Club Board of Directors!!! What??!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!)

Jennie LOVES her cricut and made cute door thingies this year. Darling!!

Gotta have Cafe Rio . . . especially when they don't ever give you time to eat!

Kristie and I got a picture with Kirby Heyborne (The RM, Single's Ward, The Best Two Years, etc.) after Kristie was MIA when we got our group photo with him. Kirby has been a great friend of mine since 9th Grade and is married to one of my best friends in the whole world. It was really fun to see him and he did a great job as MC of the Thursday night concert.

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