Monday, November 12, 2012

Fallen Trampoline

Okay, this is the funniest story.  Our trampoline has been on its way out for awhile (that's what you get when you buy an inexpensive trampoline!) and we have just ignored the fact that at some point the springs could all pop off at any time.  Well, one day Kelsea was in a hurry to get home from school so she got off an earlier bus stop and cut through our back door neighbor's yard so she could climb the fence and get home quicker.  She was dressed in my really nice boots, so she took them off and threw them over the fence, then she climbed over the fenced and jumped down onto the trampoline and . . . KAPOOOSH!! The whole thing collapsed and she landed on the ground.  When she peeked up, in surprise of what just happened, she looked at the back door and there was a repairman working on our deck staring right at her in disbelief.  

I'm not sure what was worse, the fact that she just plummeted to the ground or that a man, she didn't know, witnessed the whole thing!  Hahaha!  It really was so funny and the best part was that Kelsea's comment was, "I'm sure glad it was me and not the little kids!"  I love that girl!

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